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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gretas Garden Mandalas

Photographs of flowers and butterflies in my garden have been converted into colorful mandalas using the kaleidoscope tool in Picture Window ( Here are a couple of examples.

The top picture was of Tithonia "torch" (Mexican sunflower) with butterflies. The lower image is of cardinal flowers with a butterfly. The digital images were enhanced by increasing the color saturation and adjusting the gamma. To me, this did not artificially enhance the pictures but brought them closer to what they looked like in real life. The image was then cropped to restrict what was included in the mandala. This required some trial and error. Fortunately, the kaleidoscope tool in Picture Window is really easy to use and takes no time.


At 7:48 AM, Blogger TheGardenHive said...

I am so excited and energized by your mandalas! I have often thought of doing this but thought I needed a kaleidoscope and camera attached.

This is a beautiful way to see nature with fresh eyes!

School kids could do this as a nature project.... etc. etc.

Thank you!


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